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Free Wisdom Teeth Consults

Feeling the pain? Need your wisdom teeth removed? When it comes to wisdom teeth, we know the pain you could be feeling. Browns Plains Family Dental is here to help: get your wisdom teeth sorted, and stop them further affecting your oral health and general well being.

Book a FREE comprehensive wisdom tooth consultation with Dr Mick today! 

About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth normally come through between the ages of 17 – 25: but they can cause problems at any age in an adult! Sometimes there is not enough room in the mouth and they become impacted in the gums. This can cause gum infections or decay.

At Browns Plains Family Dental, we recommend you book a consultation if you are have pain or swelling from your wisdom teeth. Often you can have them removed in the chair, however in some situations you may need to be referred to an oral surgeon. Dr Mick will assess your wisdom teeth and the options for removing them to prevent any further pain or complications for you.

Wisdom Tooth Problems
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The cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary depending on the procedure necessary. Contact us to book a free (no gap with private health insurance) consultation: your dentist will be able to assess your wisdom teeth using a full mouth x-ray (OPG) and give you an estimation for the cost of removal. Typically, a single wisdom tooth extraction at Browns Plains Family Dental will cost between $220 and $420, with all four wisdom teeth usually costing about $1250.

Why get them out?

Wisdom Teeth can sometimes come through in an awkward position or get stuck due to lack of space in the mouth. This may cause damage to the teeth beside them and they can be hard to clean, making them prone to decay and infection. To ensure we maintain your oral health, we may recommend it is best to remove your wisdom teeth.

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Will I feel pain?

Our experienced dentist will assess the situation and discuss your best options for treatment. This will involve a local anaesthetic (including lots of numbing cream first) to numb the area, but may also include different sedation options to help you feel more relaxed during the procedure. Let us know if you're feeling nervous or anxious!

How long afterwards will I be sore?

After the wisdom teeth removal, you may experience some discomfort and swelling which may last a week or even 10 days. You will be prescribed medication to assist with the pain. Please allow for rest and ensure that you follow our dentist’s recommended post procedure care.

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