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Comprehensive Check-Up and Clean Special:
$199 or NO GAP
with your dental extras private health insurance!


We have an opening special at Browns Plains Family Dental - we are offering a comprehensive examination: xrays (including an OPG if needed), photos, a check of every tooth, oral hygiene advice, and a thorough clean and polish, with a fluoride treatment - all over a 40 minute appointment - no rush, no stress - all for $199 or "no gap" if you have private health insurance with dental extras!

Opening special free teeth whitening in Browns Plains Family Dental
Browns Plains dentist

Comprehensive Exam

We inspect every tooth carefully, and how they fit together. We look for any soft tissue problems, and talk about any grinding, clenching or headache problems you might have. We want to get to know our patients, and what makes them tick!

OPG Sample

Xrays and Photos

We take any xrays we think are necessary for a comprehensive exam - bitewings and PAs (small, high definition xrays) and OPG (full mouth xrays) are all included in the examination. We like to take photos of teeth, especially if there's anything wrong with a particular tooth: so you can see what we see. 

Tooth scaling and polishing

Clean and Polish

We use hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers to clean the calculus or tartar from your teeth. We are really gentle, and take our time. If you have a large buildup under your gums (gum disease or periodontal disease) we will talk to you about what we recommend - it might involve referral to a specialist, or a second visit to our clinic. 

dental treatment planning

Treatment Planning

If we find that you need any restorative work (like fillings, crowns, veneers, or bridges), we will walk you through our recommendations, and can do "on the spot" Hicaps quotes for your health insurance. If you have questions, or don't understand what has been recommended, we are happy to go the extra mile to explain more thoroughly.  Please note that often treatment can be staged over a period of time. We can tailor your plan to suit your budget, and can help with financing options. 


Make a booking now

Even if you're nervous of the dentist, we will put you at ease, and take our time. 

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